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Connecting to a Payment Gateway (Silver) Expand

Payment Gateways are a new addition for our Silver tier subscribers. Even though all subscribers are able to configure any payment gateways, only Silver tier subscribers or higher are able to take advantage of this feature.

Currently, both Stripe and PayPal are supported for integration with TrueIMS.

To configure a payment gateway, go to Settings -> Payment Gateways (or click here).

Click on the name of the gateway that you would like to configure, followed by clicking on the “Connect to gateway” button for your payment gateway of choice. Follow the gateway specific on-screen instructions.

Once connected, TrueIMS may give additional options to configure, depending on the gateway.

PayPal will display Smart Buttons based on your PayPal merchant settings that will look like the buttons below:

All buttons will be enabled by default, however, you are able to disable any one of these buttons from within the PayPal settings.

Automatic Recording of Transaction Fees (Silver) Expand

TrueIMS is able to automatically expense any transaction fee incurred through a payment gateways. This feature is enabled by default, but may need additional configuration.

These settings can be found under each Payment Gateway’s own settings and will look like the image below:

On your screen, you will notice that there is no expense category configured. You may change this by clicking on the gear icon.

Live Basket Links Expand

All subscription tiers are able to provide a link to their customers to enable access to the contents of their basket.

To create this link, a transaction hold will need to be created first. Once create, click on “Holds” from the left-side menu to view your holds.

Clicking on the link icon shown above will bring up a small window containing the hold’s basket link.

This link can be shared with the customer, therefore, any updates made to the hold, such as additional items added or removed, applicable shipping costs and taxes will be reflected real time for the customer.

Finalizing Basket Links Expand

Once a basket is ready to be invoiced, meaning no more items will be added and applicable shipping costs, taxes, and discounts have been applied, the hold can be finalized.

Finalized holds can no longer be edited and it will no longer display an estimated total message when the customer accesses their basket link.

A hold can be finalized by clicking on the lock icon from the holds screen.

Once finalized, the hold for the customer will change color depending on its final status.

If a hold does require a change, a finalization can be removed by clicking on the open lock icon.

Invoiceable Baskets (Silver) Expand

With the Silver tier subscription and the addition of payment gateways, we introduce the ability to invoice directly from the basket links.

In order for a basket link to include payment options, a payment gateway has to be configured and the basket finalized.

Once these requirements are met, the basket link will automatically populate the payment options.

Once a customer has paid the invoice, the transaction hold will automatically turn into a processed transaction with the status showing “captured”. A status of “captured” means a successful transfer of funds has occurred.

If automatic recording of transactions fees has also been configured, the system will capture the processing fees for that transaction as an expense.

Basket Timers Expand

A highly sought after feature, is the ability to impose a time limit for the purchase of items in a basket. A timer can be configured according to user preference and is recording in hours until expiration. This is a global setting that will apply to all baskets.

The timer can be configured in the Basket settings, which can be found by clicking on “Settings” -> Baskets (or click here).

After enabling a basket timer, a few extra icons will be shown for finalized holds.

You will also notice that the hold color has changed to orange, indicating that a timer has been activated.

Note: Once a timer for a basket expires, the color will change to red and the customer will no longer be able to access their basket. Instead, the customer will see a message stating that their basket has been removed.

Baskets are not automatically removed. Reactivation of the timer, re-enabling access to a basket, or removal of a basket is entirely at the discretion of the user.