Welcome to TrueIMS

TrueIMS is a custom Inventory Management System (IMS) that was developed specifically for direct consultants.

TrueIMS is an easy-to-use and affordable solution where consultants can keep track of their own inventory, expenses, transactions, display on-hand items to their own customers, and keep track of business finances.

You can try TrueIMS on a free trial basis for 7 days by clicking on the online Portal.

Below are some highlighted features on TrueIMS.

Everything in one place

Inventory, customers, expenses, commissions, and sales transactions all within a click away from one another.

Keep your customers organized

TrueIMS doesn't just keep track of your inventory. It's also a place where you can keep track of all your customers and their sales.

Increase your sales

Increase your sales by displaying all of your inventory on a website that not only lets your customers view your on-hand inventory, but also allows the customer to send requests directly from the website.


Don't own your own website or subdomain? No problem!
As part of your subscription, TrueIMS provides you with your own inventory website and your own TrueIMS subdomain.

TLS (SSL) Secured Website

TrueIMS secures every subdomain through a Comodo TLS (SSL) certificate. This provides a secure website (https) for your customers and also gets rid of "not secure" and other warnings.

Buy X, get Y free

This promotion is build into TrueIMS and by keeping track of your customer's purchase history, it notifies you when a customer's order qualifies for a free item.

Website Builder (Coming soon)

The ability to build your own website (no coding experience required) with customized features.

eCommerce (Coming soon)

Sell items directly from your custom-made website through our eCommerce platform. (powered by Stripe).

In-person Payments (Coming soon)

Accept in-person payments with a professional card reader (purchased separately from Stripe) using our POS mode (powered by Stripe).

TrueIMS Bronze

4.99 per Month
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Subdomain
  • TLS (SSL) Security (HTTPS)
  • Support and software updates

TrueIMS Silver

9.99 per Month
  • Includes all Bronze features
  • Invoiceable Baskets
  • More to be announced soon

TrueIMS Gold

14.99 per Month
  • Includes all Bronze and Silver features
  • eCommerce Website
  • In-person payments
  • More to be announced soon