Integrate Sezzle

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TrueIMS has partnered with Sezzle to offer your customers a Buy Now, Pay Later option*

Offer your customers a flexible way to pay for their purchases over time

Before applying, checkout our Sezzle Integration video to ensure a smooth application process.

Sezzle Integration Video

Integration Steps

Integrating with Sezzle easy and can be done in just a few steps.


Signup with Sezzle

Sign up with Sezzle by clicking here.


Create your API keys

Once your account has been created, you can create your API keys that will be used to connect TrueIMS and Sezzle together.


Setup Sezzle in TrueIMS

Paste your previously created API keys within TrueIMS to finish the Sezzle integration.

Sign up for a Sezzle Merchant Account** 

The first step involves submitting your merchant application with Sezzle. During this step, ensure to select TrueIMS within the eCommerce Platform dropdown menu when filling out your basic company information. You may start this process by clicking the button below.
To ensure that Sezzle is properly linked to TrueIMS, use the referral code VEE during signup.

Signup with Sezzle

Create your API keys

Once your account has been approved, you will be able to create your API keys.

1. Find API Settings

Within Sezzle, find the API settings by clicking on Settings from the left side menu. Next, click on API keys.

2. Create API Keys

Click on the “create api key” button if no API keys have been created yet.

3. Review your keys

Once your keys have been created, you will notice a public key and a private key. Keep this page open and continue to the next step.

Connect Sezzle to TrueIMS

Next, open a new tab or click here to login with TrueIMS. From the menu on the left side, click on the following progression of links: Settings -> Payment Gateways -> Sezzle.

The Sezzle Payment Gateway page will be asking for both a public and a private key, which were created in the previous step. To connect, copy both public and private keys from the Sezzle page, ensuring the public key gets placed inside the public key field in TrueIMS, while the private key gets placed in the private key field.

Finally, click on Connect to start the connection process.

Login to TrueIMS

Configure your Sezzle settings

Finally, configure the minimum price that you will allow your customers to use Sezzle as a checkout option. Any order or cart totals below this amount, will not be able to checkout using Sezzle.

*Silver or Gold tier subscription is required in order to use Sezzle and/or other payment gateways.
**Gold subscription is required for new Sezzle applicants.
Silver allows invoicing, Gold allows full eCommerce functionality